Hey There,
we are kayla and kiel!

Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for the outdoors, specifically epic mountain scenes. Coming from a place surrounded with lush foothills, epic Rocky Mountain ranges and gorgeous alpine lakes, it had become more of a passion to share these moments with people.

I began wedding photography 5 years ago and realized that even though a large wedding full of party and cheer was awesome, so was also the idea of having an intimate getaway with just your partner with epic landscapes. I love creating scenes that you would be enthralled with placing above a fireplace or above a dining room table where your family meets every night. I want your wedding day to be about you, your partner and your closest family and friends, say goodbye to all the production and headache. I am here to be a guide to help plan your perfect day that is right for you, whether that is being the deep forests of Northern Idaho or epic mountain tops in Washington. Let’s plan your adventure!

Kayla + Kiel

So...How does this work?

Fill out my contact form and say “Hey!”

We then set-up a in-person or phone consultation to go over details, such as time, place, to have a taco truck/to not have a taco truck, etc! 

After all the logistics are taken care of (contract signing + retainer), this is where the fun REALLY starts to happen! This is where we delve into what you and your partner are really wanting out of your adventure. The molding of the timeline is one of my favorite parts of this process! This can be a one day event, or several, the possibilities are endless. This takes detailed planning, as we look at Suntrackers to ensure lighting is optimal, as well as mapping out locations from our computer to ensure timing is adequate if it involves long hikes.  

After timelines have solidified and revised, we send over the details to ensure it’s what you envisioned! Best thing about the timeline, it can easily be changed prior to Wedding day so we know where we need to be and when! 

Day before wedding, we meet in person to ensure gear, dress, all supplies necessary are where they need to be. We double and triple check weather and timelines to ensure we are as ready as we will be! 

Adventure day!!! The fun begins, whether that’s early morning or late afternoon, we are off and let’s create some epic and magical imagery!







sound like a plan? yay! lets start planning the elopement of you dreams!

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